How to join the Premium Registration?

1. Enter a valid email address and click on "Register".
2. Your Exclusive Premium Reward code will be sent to your registered email.
3. We will not be held responsible for any lost codes.
4. Redeem your reward in-game once BBS is launched in Open Beta!

Diamonds 300
Hero Fragments Box 30
Gold Coins 10000


The more, the merrier! Achieve the Premium Registration milestone to get awesome rewards. Don't forget to invite your buddies over too!



Rules and Regulations
1. Achieve the Target Premium Registrations and be awarded when the game is launched in Open Beta!
2. The reward will be sent to all accounts created within the first 3 days after BBS is released in Open Beta according to which target was hit by the end of the Milestone event.
3. Note that upon hitting Target 4, player will receive all rewards.
4. Milestone Event period : 21st May - 4th July
5. We reserve the rights to amend the rules and regulations without any prior notice.